Version 1.9.5 is now available.

Support for unlimited length networking menus for 2012+ models (starting with x1x models). This allows smooth scrolling of long lists of tracks rather than displaying 10 at a time.

This new functionality is being retrofitted from the updating Windows 10 version of OnkRemote, coming soon to desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

- 8/9/2015



  • Connect to your PC or media server using DLNA to browse and stream your music
  • Enjoy internet radio like Spotify(tm) and Pandora(tm)
  • Multiple zone support. Now you can control other zones without line of sight
  • Control CEC/RIHD enabled devices like blu-ray players and TVs using the app
  • Pin sources and network services directly to the start screen for quick access.
  • Give input sources and zones their own custom names and hide ones you don't use.
  • Detects devices on your network and configures them using built-in templates

Excellent! Glad it's here and on Windows. Better than Onkyo's own iOS app.