version 1.9.3
* Support for unlimited length networking menus for 2012+ models (starting with x1x models). This allows smooth scrolling of long lists of tracks rather than displaying 10 at a time.

This new functionality is being retrofitted from the updating Windows 10 version of OnkRemote, coming soon to desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

version 1.9.2
* Preliminary template support for new 2015 model receivers

version 1.9.1
* Added support for Roku and XBMC/Kodi network-based remotes. Configure them under the new remotes section under settings, and assign the remotes to the source they're connected to.
* Fixed with CEC toggle button on newer models

version 1.9.0
* Fully functional thumbs up/down/favorite/ban buttons on network streams; will now light up to reflect current rating (2013+)
* Added track menu for network streams (menu icon above shuffle/repeat when available)
* Added network popup support new to 2014 models
* Added InstaPrevue button to receiver setup menu
* Updated 2013 models with TuneIn (reinstall app or change templates back and forth to refresh existing device)
* Added template for HT-R693

version 1.8.9
* Added like/dislike buttons to network player for use with services like Pandora
* Added Deezer network service for 2014 models, update device template under settings to make available
* Added templates for NR1030 and NR3030 models

version 1.8.8
* Fixes an issue when steaming music for TX-NR636 that may affect other 2014 x3x models as well.

version 1.8.7
* Fixed communications issue for TX-NR636 that may affect other 2014 x3x models as well.

version 1.8.6
* Updated 2013 templates with Home Media network service
* Added German language support

version 1.8.5
* Added templates for 2014 models: TX-NR929,DTR-60.5,DHC-60.5,TX-NR535/636/737/838,DTR-30.6/40.6/50.6,HT-RC660

version 1.8.4
* Updated to support mp3Tunes, Simfy, and Home Media network services
* New services added to templates, to update an existing device you can uninstall and reinstall the app, or go into settings/device and choose a random model template, and then select your device's template again

version 1.8.3
* fixed issue where current screen may lose communication with the amp after hitting back on a popup dialog
* Added template for CR-N755. Choosing this template includes a workaround to fix network services navigation
* When there is a problem reading your settings, the settings file is now included in the diagnostics log. Emailing it will help track down how and why this sometimes occurs

version 1.8.2
* fixed issue where device selection window could re-appear when returning to the main screen
* new option to disable touch on slider in volume popup to prevent accidental setting

version 1.8.1
* fixed issue when resuming for some users
* added tv on/off menu items to CEC TV remote

version 1.8
* added customizable dashboard area to main screen. Add direct sources, services, volume slider, mini network and radio players
* added scripting support for advanced users using Onkyo's ISCP language to perform a list of commands and automate functions
* displays current device name on main display

version 1.7.3
* The listening mode menu is now customizable
* A fix for a potential crash while reconnected on resume
* Updated templates for some receivers with multiple USB ports to allow choosing front/back directly. Update your template under settings/model or uninstall and reinstall the app

version 1.7.2
* Allows network services menu in zone 2 on model year 2012+ receivers (older models get player view in zone 2+)
* Fix: Correctly returns to network services menu when exiting "my favorites" instead of going to the main page

version 1.7.1
* Updated with new templates for 2013 models. You can update the template an existing device under setting/device/model.
* Tap and hold a listening mode button for a full menu. Not all modes shown will be available.
* Fixed issue when scanning network for broadcasting media devices for the receiver could cause a crash the non-Onkyo devices return faulty XML
* Added dialog box about muting sound in trial when exiting the app.

version 1.7
* updated 3rd party libraries
* improved stability during connection issues
* workaround for usb drive navigation in some 2012 models
* diagnostics log now included with crash report

version 1.6
* added dimmer control to menu bar
* added sleep timer to menu bar, current timer shown under details
* receiver setup controls moved to own screen accessible from menu bar
* added Q Setup button to receiver setup, only for 2012 models
* RiHD TV remote given own screen, now includes guide button and full channel keypad

version 1.5
* fixed connection issue after initial run
* streamlined help in device selection dialog

version 1.4
* Full keyboard for IP address entry to allow domain names and fix problem with international keyboards with no decimal
* Added input button to CEC TV remote
* Fixed issue with a crash right after changing templates and resuming after changing
* Added T-4070 template
* Misc bug fixes, including reliability on resumes

version 1.3
* Pin sources and network services to start menu
* Fixed possible volume issue when resuming while volume open
* additional error checking when resuming

version 1.2
* added bass/treble/subwoofer/center channel adjustments
* improved reliability when resuming

version 1.1
* Fixed cosmetic issue with volume slider when using button
* Fixed issue when choosing DLNA when none are available